Opening on April 27, 2018

  • Directed by Alexis Dascoulias

    Maui OnStage will be holding auditions for the John Steinbeck classic Of Mice and Men on Friday, February 16th at the at the Historic Iao Theater with audition appointments starting at 5:00 PM.  Details as follows:

    Auditions: February 16th with callbacks February 18th

    Rehearsals: begin February 24th a conflict / rehearsal schedule will be provided at auditions

    Performances:  April 27 – May 13 at the Historic Iao Theater (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays)

    Director: Alexis Dascoulias, Maui OnStage Executive Director (Inherit the Wind, Mary Poppins, Elf, To Kill a Mockingbird)

    What to Bring to Audition: Headshot (if you do not have a formal headshot, use a snapshot photo of yourself); Resume; Schedule so that you can fill out a conflict calendar.

    What to Prepare A 2 minute monologue; Readings from the script will be used at callbacks.

  • All who wish to audition need to make an audition appointment. Performers are urged to call 244-8680 ext. 23 to set up an auditions time. Those who do not have an audition time will be seen on a first come, first seen basis.

    This is the only Steinbeck novel that he adapted for the stage.

    The Story –

  • George, an affable migrant farm worker, and Lennie, a towering simple-minded pleasantly humble young man, are the subjects. They are bound by George’s devotion and Lennie’s “pathetic helplessness”. George’s guardianship keeps Lennie out of trouble, but we soon see this is a slippery slope. Lennie’s displays of love result in several deaths ranging from mice and puppies to a beautiful woman.

    Of Mice and Men Character Descriptions

    Notes on age: all of the character’s ages indicated below are as Steinbeck has written them, but they should not be considered set in stone. Actors should examine and try out for roles that they feel they can successfully portray. Characters are listed in order of appearance.  Also, please be aware that this play is notable for its particularly offensive language and prejudicial opinions held by the characters regarding people of color. The complex history of racism in Northern California and the country at large is a persistent topic of analysis, discussion, and occasionally censorship with this play.

    Setting: Farm and ranch land in an unnamed Northern Californian valley. 1930s.

    George Milton, 35-45 years old

    A small, quick-witted man who is Lennie’s de facto guardian, traveling companion, fellow ranch hand, and best friend.

    Lennie Small, 35-45 years old

    A physically imposing, lumbering, and occasionally clumsy childlike man, also a migrant worker along with his friend and companion George.

    Candy, 60-75 years old

    An aging ranch handyman, Candy lost his hand in an accident and worries about his future on the ranch and fears when his age will make him useless to others.

    The Boss, flexible age, over 40 years old

    The Boss is a stocky and well-dressed man in charge of the ranch George and Lennie land at. He is also Curley’s father.

    Curley, 22-35 years old

    The Boss’ son: a young, impetuous, and combative character. Curley indicates he “has done quite a bit in the ring” at one time. His jealousy and frequent losses of temper serve to accentuate his essential pettiness – and his inadequacies..

    Curley’s Wife, 19-30 years old

    Only known by her relationship to her husband Curley and a string of unpleasant epithets from the ranch hands, she is a victim of time and place. Young, pretty, and isolated.

    Slim, 35-50 years old

    The consummate ranch hand and the main driver of the mule team, Slim is called the “prince of the ranch.”  – he is tall, good looking, strong, and greatly respected.

    Carlson, 35-50 years old

    Another ranch hand, he is a thick-bodied man who constantly complains about the smell 0f Candy’s old dog. Carlson is a simple man who enjoys simple pleasures.

    Whit, flexible age, 25-50 years old

    Ranch hand, noted as a youngish laborer. He is amiable and good-natured, but a bit of a pushover.

    Crooks, African American, 40-60 years old

    The proud, bitter, and somewhat cynical black stable-hand, Crooks gets his name from his crooked back. He lives by himself and is largely shunned by the other ranch hands.

All roles are open and the director wishes to see all types!

Please call: 808-244-8680 ext. 23 to make your audition appointment!

Maui OnStage is encouraging performers with diverse cultural backgrounds 

and all levels of experience to audition for the 2017 – 2018 season.

So whether you are a seasoned veteran or have never performed on stage before,

Maui OnStage welcomes you.

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