Maui Fringe Theater Festival

Due to unforeseen circumstances Too Old to be This Young will not be performed in the 2017 festival.  Our opening night party for Maui Fringe Theater Festival pass holders will begin at 5:30 PM.  Small Town Lawyer will begin at 7 PM.

“Small Town Lawyer” by 2014 award-winner Anthony Pignataro. It’s 1941, and Dick is a small town lawyer rising quickly in his firm. But after a particularly stressful encounter with a client one afternoon, he falls into a funk. But as Tom, his mentor at the law firm, tries to pull Dick out of it, he starts to wonder if he should even try.

From Minneapolis comes the overwhelming hit comedy and Best of Fringe, 2016 Minnesota Fringe, “Game of Thrones the Musical” by Really Spicy Opera. A skewering parody of the hit HBO program, this massively inappropriate children’s show features vocabulary lessons, incest, moral lessons, betrayal, and truly terrible puppet-on-puppet violence.

 Local playwright and 2011 first place winner Sharyn Stone returns to the Fringe with “Old Girls Looking Hot.” In this musical-comedy featuring local pianist Fulton Tashombe, Stone addresses the self worth issues on women and ageing. “What constitutes being hot? Or not? And how does it dictate a life,” she asks.

From the Big Island, and making his Maui debut, is standup comedian Malcolm Grissom. His “Me, My Song, and I” is a personal narrative about finding freedom, identity, and inspiration. The one-man show was awarded both producer’s and critic’s choice in the Atlanta Fringe Festival and was hailed as “one of the best shows” and “a hometown tale worthy of Garrison Keillor – with Bobcat Goldthwait intensity” at the Kansas City Fringe Festival.

From New York City, and fresh off its first place finish in Washington’s 2016 Capital Fringe, 2015 multi-award winner Kate Robards returns to Maui with her latest one-woman show “Ain’t That Rich.” Kate, a formerly broke, small-town, Texan shares some insights and a refreshing perspective after marrying a one-percenter. “Am I a gold digger,” she asks, “and if so, just what is the gold I’m searching for?”

Maui Aerial Arts offers “Fado” a high-flying exploration of the turmoil of grief that wrecks, rebuilds and ultimately heals. This all-female cast examines fate, loss, and redemption in this aerial-driven show.

Closing the festival is an encore performance of “Dream” by Maui playwright Francis Tau’a. “Dream” is an intimate comedy-drama that examines the affects of Altzheimer’s on a long-married couple.