Maui Fringe Theater Festival Shows for 2018

Opening this year’s Fringe is “Too Old To Be This Young,” a new kind of coming-of-age story, about aging, desire, hormones, wanting to stay young, and the lengths we’ll go to ensure that we do. San Francisco playwright and actress Laura Hedli’s one-woman show chronicles a turbulent year as a young adult living in Manhattan with her boss while secretly dating her coworker.



From the award-winning actress of “They Call Me Q” (2013 first place – Maui Fringe), with 200 shows in 35 states, comes the world premiere of “INTRUSION,” written and performed by Qurrat Ann Kadwani. Set 20 years in the future, rape has been eradicated until one woman comes forward. “INTRUSION” is a look at the perpetuation of rape culture through different sectors of society.



From Los Angeles comes “The Sex Life of Achilles” by David LeBarron, a bawdy and heartbreaking retelling of the tragic myth of Achilles. Three mourners, through storytelling, movement, masks and poetry reenact and remember the fallen hero of Greece. Achilles loved like he fought, with ferocity.




Maui author Amorah St. John will present her original one-act comedy, “When Trump Gets To Heaven.” When Donald Trump arrives at the pearly gates, he is met by Almighty God, his guardian angel and a colorful array of jurors in all their diversity. It’s judgment day for Donald, and Heaven will never be the same.




New Orleans actress and “The Original Classy Broad,” Alison Logan aims to convict every one of her ex-boyfriends, through hilarious and heartfelt stories and a delicious array of songs in her one woman musical comedy, “Courted.” You, the audience and jury, get to decide if these scoundrels are innocent…or guilty as charged! The Taylor Swift of cabaret will undoubtedly win you over, and convince you to send all the gents straight to the slammer!




“I Love Myself: The Masturbation Musical,” created and performed by Jaime Summers is an empowering and insightful solo musical comedy. If you loved “Sex and the City” or the “Vagina Monologues” break through another taboo. “I Love Myself: The Masturbation Musical,” premiered in the Players Theatre Festival in NYC.





The Maui Fringe also hosts the world premiere of “Vindication: Scenes from the Life of Mary Wollstonecraft,” by local actress and singer, Lin McEwan. During her all-too-brief life, Mary Wollstonecraft survived numerous scandals, produced one of the greatest feminist texts ever written, and gave birth to the mother of science fiction. “Vindication” follows her life from a turbulent London childhood home to the treacherous streets of Paris during the French Revolution, through love affairs, suicide attempts, and encounters with the greatest minds of the age.


Maui’s award-winning Free Range Comedy (second place 2016 Maui Fringe) returns in 2018 with “Lawyers, Bombs and Death” by Gabby Anderman and Chris Rose, an interwoven 4 sketch show of a lawyer that wants to be trusted, a bomb squad mired in paperwork, a survey in Heaven and a visit to Hell.

The Maui Fringe Theater Festival contains adult content and is not appropriate for children.

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