Maui OnSTAGE Youth Classes


OnSTAGE is a program for children 8 – 17 who have a desire to learn more about all aspects of theatrical production including Singing, Acting, Dancing and Performing. If your child is interested more in a behind-the-scenes role, they can learn more of the technical aspects to putting on a show.

OnSTAGE is lead by some of Maui’s premier theater educators. Parents and young performers will have the opportunity to meet and work with the educational team of Alexis Dascoulias, Ricky Jones, Steven Dascoulias, Brianna Kenar,  Jessica Nelson and Kim Vetterli

For more information or to enroll your child in OnSTAGE, please call 244-8680 Ext. 23

Maui OnStage  Winter Classes

This session runs January 9 – March 14  with a
at Iao Theater on March 14 (Wednesday)


Creative Critters (ages 5-9) with Jessica Nelson and Brianna Kenar

Saturdays        January 13 – March 10          9:00 – 9:45                  $130

For budding actors who are interested in exploring drama, dance, music, singing and creative play. Presented in a supportive, nurturing environment – youngsters are provided an opportunity to sing and dance while playing instruments and creating bold characters.



Musical Theater (grades 3-8) with Alexis Dascoulias & Kim Vetterli

Mondays         January 15 – March 12        3:30 – 4:30                  $170

Combines singing techniques with movement while exploring character development through warm-up exercises, improvisation and theater games. Students gain confidence, skills and musicianship as well as movement awareness. One musical number will be rehearsed for the March showcase.

Broadway Rocks (grades 5-10) with Alexis Dascoulias & Kim Vetterli

Mondays        January 15 – March 12         4:30 – 6:00                  $230

Pushes students’ musical theater performance skills to the next level! Your musical number will stand out by strategically combining strong singing skills with dance, movement and acting.  Students will also develop a strong warm-up routine and relaxation practices which will help with the next audition or performance. Two musical numbers will be rehearsed for the November showcase.


Teen Acting Lab (grades 7 – 10) with Ricky Jones

Wednesdays  January 10 – March 14          4:00 – 5:30                $250

Teen students explore movement, vocalization, character development and ensemble-building.  Through workshop exercises, students begin to develop acting skills needed to create truthful characters.

  • We believe the arts are essential to a young person’s development. Theater nurtures critical thinking skills, enables collaboration, encourages communication and creativity and is a huge tool in boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Maui OnStage is proud to offer process – based classes that culminate in an Open House setting. Classes allow youngsters to develop in a safe, creative, exploratory atmosphere.

  • Join us for fun and creativity!

All Classes are held at our OFFStage Studio on Kolu Street in Wailuku

Winter classes conclude with an OPEN HOUSE on Wednesday,  March 14, 6:30 at the Iao Theater

Winter Classes Registration Form  (Please be sure to fill out both pages!)

808-244-8680 Ext. 23